A true believer

There were 24 cars in the wreck here in San Cristobal with 7 dead and over 20 critically injured.

I gained 8 pounds while in the states so Dottie has me on a diet.

The Oklahoma/Tennessee team leaves Saturday and a team of 60 arrives Sunday.

Annie in Esperanza up had an appendectomy.

Sebastian shared with the staff tonight and you should have been there to hear his pray. He moved heaven.


A true believer will always be marked by true love for his brothers and sisters in Christ. A person who displays no love for the redeemed is not a child of God!

I John 2:9 “He that says he is in the light and hates his brother is in darkness even now”. “In the light” means that you are walking in truth & holiness.

John gives us the test of love. Now this test is not about loving the world but, rather, it is about loving the Christian family. If a person makes a habit of hating Christians then he is not save according to John.

I John 2:10 “He that loves his brother lives in the light”. This is a continuing attitude of love. This is our proof!

Do you love Christians outside your denomination, nationality, racially, etc? If you struggle with knowing whether you are truly born again then take this simple test.

Make this a positive and ask yourself if you love other Christians. You may not feel saved but these verses are strong evidence you are born again.