We left at 4am for a 6am appointment with my dentist. He put temporary crowns on the 4 root canals. I feel much better.

The school had a soccer tournament for all ages. They had a blast.


The mind of the crowd! A mob is a disorderly or lawless crowd. If there is a strong leader the crowd will usually do whatever he asks. The crowd will do things together that they would never do alone.

They are swayed by the mind of the crowd. A mob might do violent things and when they are alone in their homes wonder how they ever got caught up in these actions.

Most of us will never be part of a violent mob or crowd. God has given us a mind of our own. We need to use our mind in order to obey and please God. Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on good things.

Do not use the mind of the crowd. Seek God’s will for yourself as He has a perfect will for you. You are not part of a mob or a crowd. You are individually made and are individually called to follow Christ and what He has planned for your life.

Following the crowd will take you only as far as the mob can take you but following your own mind (of Christ) will allow you to accomplish the purpose for which you were created.