We allowed those young people 18 and older to go home for a few days.

A group of Canadians came by the last two days to play with the baby dorm children.

Victor who had a car wreck was robbed going to work on a bus.


There once was a missionary who was walking through a business when he heard someone say “Oh if I only had $25 I would be perfectly content”. He thought to himself “I have never seen a person perfectly content. So he went up to her and gave her $25.

As he walked off he overheard the woman say “Why didn’t I ask for $30?” This is a true picture of the human heart. It is never satisfied. It is never content.

Years ago Dottie and I took care of a girl with muscular dystrophy. One day we were moving furniture and it was so cold. I came into the house murmuring about the weather. Although she was unable to care for herself she said to me “Brother Mike the Word says if we have food and clothing we should be content”.

Her words humbled me. I Timothy 6:6 says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain”. We will never gain the life God has for us if we are not satisfied today with what He has done for us. It is not your physical circumstances that are important but rather the state of your heart5