What you want

Fifteen members of Rotary International came to Casa to check on the mechanical cow. Jeny and Gabby fixed a snack for them with the soy extract.

Dottie and I ate at Olive Garden for our anniversary.


They got what they wanted but lost what they had. Psalm 106:14-15 “God granted their request but sent leanness to their souls”. In Numbers 11 the Israelites lusted for the things of Egypt so God sent them food and they lost what they had—His presence.

In I Samuel 8 the people wanted a king like the other nations so they got what they wanted but they lost their children to slavery.

David wanted Bathsheba and he got what he wanted but he lost his baby, than his daughter, Tamar, to rape, Amnon to murder and Absalom to battle.

America wanted to get God, the Bible and prayer out of the public eye. They got what they wanted but lost what they had. They have lost God in the process. The family and the fabric of society are in shambles. People have traded the reality of God for the flesh. False gods reign in America.

We need to want the good and lose the bad.

We need to want the Spirit and lose the flesh.

Be certain that what you want is what God wants.