Gladys Veslasquez is a Guatemalan basketball champion and is now in a wheel chair. She came to speak to our high school students. Sebastian said it was good and the kids listened intensely.

It is cold and raining here in Clarksville.


When we are depressed we become weary and we are more likely to stumble in our walk with God. God does not weary us. He never gives us too much to handle. He desires to give us strength and to encourage us. Isaiah 40 says that He wants us to take up His strength in place of our weakness.

If you are a Christian then you belong to God. Isaiah 43 says “Thou art mine!” Even if we are over run with problems He will be with us. He says we will pass through the rivers and they shall not overflow us.

And in Isaiah 58:11 He says that He will be with us in drought. Depression is as a drought but God can turn our circumstances into flowing rivers. He wants us to experience an abundant life of joy and peace.

My answer most used when I feel heaviness coming on is to grab the Word and read His promises. Psalm 35 is my favorite chapter when I am walking through the fire (especially verses 1-8). Depression erodes our security but God says for us to trust in Him. (Nahum 1:7)

God can over come anything that comes against us. Depression often blinds our eyes to what He is doing or attempting to say to us. The victory can be won through Jesus Christ. Cast all of your cares upon Him. (I Peter 5:7) Do not wait!