Adam and Vilma returned to Casa yesterday.

Walt and Randi spoke in a church in Rockingham, NC.

Dottie and I are trying to stay warm in Tennessee. We will shop today. The most exciting thing we did was wash clothes.

Macy’s team is in Guatemala and they have Chinese food for Buen Pastor and pizza for Doncillas. (Teen age boys and girls).


The Garden of Gethsemane is not really a garden but an orchard. Olive trees still grow there today. During Jesus’ day it was a place of business, an olive press producing the local areas supply of oil. This is where the word Gethsemane comes in. A gat(Hebrew) is a press, a large five-foot high square stone pillar, and a semane, or seman, is oil. So on the evening before his crucifixion he went to the orchard of the Olive Press with Peter, James, and John, to pray.

Prayer helps us cope with difficulties. Just as Jesus asked the disciples “Why are you sleeping?” He is asking us today. Our world is filled with horror. September 11 changed the world. And the world is not getting better. You can only cope with hardships & sufferings with prayer.

Perhaps Wilcox’s poem has it right: All paths that have been, or shall be, pass somewhere through Gethsemane. Amen.