Dottie prepared a chart for her garden boys. It shows what they will do each week while she is gone. They are so faithful and love Dottie so much that they will do exactly as she has outlined.

David Beam came by with a couple that had a kidney transplant. She gave a kidney to her husband a year ago. They fell in love with Estephany in dialysis.

It was amazing how many letters I had to write to sponsors whose children have been sent home.


A man was once being conducted by a guide over a dangerous Alpine trail. At length they came to a place where a great rock jutted out over the precipice, leaving only the fragment of a pathway. The guide laid hold on the rock with one hand and put his other hand down on what was left of the trail, the hand extending out over the abyss. He told the other man to step on his hand and forearm and thus pass around the rock in safety. The man hesitated and was afraid; but the guide said, “Do not fear to stand on my hand. That hand has never yet lost a man!”

The pierced hand of Christ has never yet lost a man who took that hand and put his trust in him.

Trusting Christ is as simple as this illustration. God does not build a bridge before we step out on the water. He has no reason to. If the bridge were there beforehand you and I have not need of faith. Faith is always stepping into the hand of Jesus and trusting that He will hold you up.