Alex is in a lot of pain but he is doing well. The kidney is functioning.

We left home this morning at 4:15 and I fell walking to the car. When we got back we could not find Dottie’s keys. In trying to help me she laid her keys down. We thought that we had lost them but on of the little girls found them and gave them to an adult. You cannot imagine how many keys Dottie has for the locks at Casa.

Keyser is doing well following his one-year examinations since he was transplanted. All vital signs are fine. PTL!

I made radio shows. The weather here is still very cold.


  1. Houseboat—living in a certain lifestyle. When the waves get rough, they just pull up anchor and take off to other climates or surroundings.
  2. Fishing boats—This could be a positive thing if we are fishing for men’s souls. But many just fish for compliments, fish for social pleasure, fish for worldly desires, fish for attention, fish for power. Unfortunately, they use the faithful as bait for their deceptive practice, for after all, isn’t that what fishing is all about?
  3. The tugboat—These people are always pushy or they are pulling people in ways that they should not go. On the water, tugboats maintain safety in navigation of rough waters, and getting into ports, berths, stalls, docks, and narrow waterways. Sometimes tugboats are good, but their strength lies in being able to push larger objects into positions that they cannot (or will not) do themselves.
  4. A fireboat—It would be good to put out fires (as the peacemakers of the beatitudes), but many of this character start and spread fires. They throw the fuel upon the fires to enhance its destructive power.
  5. A carrier—Of course we would be consider blessed if we carried the news of good tidings. But many carriers just carry problems to and fro.


I just could not resist giving you these 20 boats by Sasser. So true!