The cold and rain returned so we walked the mall, had a late breakfast and then had an early dinner with Thom and Shawna.

We leave early for the 3 hour trip to Somerville.


Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons, is the only athlete to have hit a Major League home run and scored an NFL touchdown in the same week. Sanders grew up on the mean streets of Fort Myers, Fla., where exposure to some would-be athletes spurred him to make a success of himself. He explains: “I call them Idas. ‘If I’da done this, I’d be making three million today…If I’da practiced a little harder, I’d be a superstar.’ They were as fast as me when they were kids, but instead of working for their dreams they chose drugs and a life of street corners. When I was young, I had practice; my friends who didn’t went straight to the streets and never left. That moment after school is the moment we need to grab. We don’t need any more I’das.  (Mike Lupicia in Esquire).

I believe that there are many I’da Christians in this world. People that kept putting things off until soon there was just too little time left to do all they should’a done.