We began shopping. We had to buy a suitcase. Yesterday it was 31 degrees but today was a little warmer.

We will be at Lone Oak Baptist this Sunday.

We had dinner with Thom and Shawna in their new home. We are resting well and my teeth are even doing better.

We need to find a medical supply house to buy masks for Alex.


Romans 6:12 “Do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey the lusts thereof”. Dottie has a beautiful yard that she and her children work hard to maintain. The most difficult thing about the garden is pulling out weeds.

Pulling weeds can be a struggle. When we have the dry season with very little rainfall the ground gets so hard that pulling weeds is difficult. The ground holds tight and refuses to let go of the roots.

But when the ground is wet from days of rain pulling weeds is easy. The younger weeds are easiest to pull whereas the older weeds are very difficult and stubborn to pull.

Bad habits are like that. The longer they remain, the more difficult it is to change them. We need to root out bad habits when we are young or as soon as we realize we are being held fast by the roots of habits.

The Word of God is like a gentle rain that softens our hearts and makes getting rid of bad habits possible. You must activate your faith to pull those weeds.

A bad habit is like a big soft chair. It is easy to sit down in but difficult to get out of.