The problem with the butane gas in Vencedores was due to a regulator. There is a team from West Virginia at the house and one of the men was able to change it out. The gas company was called and was very helpful.

The judge did not send Sindy home. There will be another court session in April. We had a good meeting with the Kiwanis.

The WVa team had hot dogs for the children.


Besides drawing close to God and helping others a third way to handle depression is to trust God. For me to say “I can’t” is actually saying “I won’t get over depression”.

Genesis 18:14 asks the question “Is anything too hard for God?” When a Christian says they can’t they are denying the power of the Holy Spirit imparted into their lives.

Depression makes you feel as though no one cares about you. You feel as though no one is interested in you. Depression causes your confidence in others to get shaken. But God does not lie to us. Numbers 23:19 says that He will not lie and that what He says will come to pass.

He says that He will bring us up out of the horrible pit (Psalm 40:2) and since He does not lie it is imperative that you believe His Word. You have to trust Him. He can turn your sadness into joy.

If we do what God wants us to do we will feel the way God wants us to feel.”