comfort others

Sindy in dialysis has an audience with the judge and she wants to go home. She told Aroldo “My life is short and I want my last days with my mother”. This is so sad. Wendy, also in dialysis, is very depressed because no one in her family will test to see if they are compatible. He father wants to but he has diabetes. Please pray for Alex as the new kidney is not functioning as good as it did last week.

There was a problem with the gas in Vencedores and the fire department was called. They think they have it fixed.

We are speaking tomorrow at Kiwanis here in Clarksville.


II Corinthians 1:3-4 says that we are to comfort others in the same way that we have been comforted. Of course if you have not received comfort from Christ you have no ammunition to comfort anyone else. You cannot give what you do not have.

I know that helping others has been the way I have handled anxiety in my own life. When you focus on others and get your eyes off yourself you are open to the healing of the Lord.

Counseling others, helping them physically or simply sharing verses with them will help you also. You take the focus off of your own heaviness. The less you become involved in your own problems the more the Lord can work in you.

I think my war with depression is caused by the fact that I sense that I have not done all that I could have done with the life God has given me.

One way God has helped me over the years has been to bring friends into my life that care about me as a human being. It helps me to get things in perspective.

A true friend refuses to allow me to slink back into the sin of self-pity.