Can God use you?

The services at Lone Oak were very well received by the congregation. Pastors David and Rocky were so kind.

It is wet and cold so went to the room and did not leave. just saw it is 30 degrees!

Jim preached on forgiveness back in Guatemala. Josue said it was amazing.


Can God really use you?

Throughout the Bible, God used people in spite of, and after their greatest of failures.

  1. Simon Peter preached his greatest message and had his greatest ministry after he denied the Lord.
  2. Moses was a murderer, yet God used him for His glory.
  3. Samson sinned against God, yet he slew more Philistines in the end of his life than he had during his entire ministry.
  4. Abraham lied, yet he was used of the Lord.
  5. Jacob was a deceiver, yet the Lord transformed and used him greatly.


Your present condition is not a roadblock to God using you.


  1. Moses was 80 years old when the Lord called him into the ministry, Ex. 7:7. He had other problems as well. He was not very eloquent, Ex. 4:10. He was filed with fear, Ex. 4:1. He was totally opposed to the Lord’s plan for his life, Ex. 4:13. Yet, despite all this baggage, God was able to use this man for His glory.
  2. The Gadarene Demoniac, Mark 5:1-20, was a man feared by everyone. But, the Lord was able to take this man, who had caused has caused so much trouble and He was able to use him as a witness for the glory of God. God took him where he was and used him for God’s glory.
  3. 2 Kings 7:1-10 tells the story of four lepers who became the unlikely Saviors of Jerusalem. God just took them where they were and used them in spite of their circumstances.


He wants to use you as you are. Quit making excuses! Get busy!