The second half of the men’s meeting was just as good as the first. The Korean Children’s Choir sang and they were awesome.

Mario and Mariella had hot dogs with their girls in Estrellitas. The dollar went up the other day but has gone down again.


If you will handle your depression you must learn to rest in Jesus. Matthew 11:28-30 says, Come unto me all you who labor and I will give you rest. Take my yoke & learn of Me and you shall find rest for your soul”.

One characteristic of depression is boredom. I have to stay busy either physically working or reading. Depression takes the everyday tasks you were doing and enjoying and now making them a heavy burden.

Many Christians cover their sadness by just doing more work. They get busy for busyness sake. Just trying to occupy the time and not having to think! Workaholics avoid looking at themselves or their true feelings.

A difficult yoke or a heavy burden is not from God. We impose those heavinesses on ourselves. Burdens are a choice. You do not have to try and carry the problems you face daily. Quit feeling like a failure!

Do not waste your time with superficial activity. Rest in Him. Wait on Him. His back is wide enough to carry your crosses as He has already done at Calvary.