We left the hotel at 6:15am and returned at exactly 6:15pm. But it was worth it to see how God has blessed Fayette Baptist. We stopped in Jackson on the return home and had lunch with Josue and Estella as well as our grandchildren. So it was a great day.

Jony preached for me at Casa.


I read a book years ago published in 1979 by Minirth on ways to defeat depression. It meant so much to be that I thought that I could share thoughts from the pages of that book. Depression has always been my largest problem that leads to anger, fear and deeper anxiety. I am not ashamed to admit that because I am too old to worry about my image. I struggle at times with depression.

Many pastors feel “down” on Mondays following the Sunday sermons. More pastors resign on Monday than any other day. We are surrounded on Sunday by our congregation and then on Monday we are alone. We need to be close to someone.

God desires that we draw close to Him. Jesus felt the loneliness in the Garden when He was praying and His disciples slept. He felt that loneliness while on the cross and felt forsaken. Anxiety and depression come about because we feel as though we are alone and no one cares.

There is no inner peace in depression. Anxiety is simply a lack of faith. It is possibly attached to the seeing ourselves as we really are. Too many of us are one person on Sunday and another on Monday. Draw close to God.