Marina, who was actually brought here years ago by the wife of the President of Guatemala, left today. She has graduated and has a job. We believe she will be successful. As the children mature and go off into a new life it is heart warming for Dottie and me. We cannot keep them young forever. It is so rewarding when one leaves Casa prepared for their future.


John 14:1-6 says that we are not to allow our hearts to be troubled (worried). Why is that in the Word? Well, people re worried about world events with terrorism, the falling dollar, etc. Others are worried about the failure of their marriage. I am troubled about the moral decay and decline I see everywhere. Many are worried about the increase in violence. There are plenty of reasons to be troubled.

Jesus tells us in verse 1 to not allow our heart to be troubled. They were worried about the soon betrayal of Judas. They were about to be separated from Jesus.

One of them would fail but Jesus is faithful.

One would lie but Jesus is always true.

They would witness His death but He is always alive.

He knew that if they kept their hearts on Him all would be okay. There were mansion’s awaiting them in heaven. There would be peace with no more fear and tears. Best of all He was coming back for them.