Eric will have his kidney transplant this morning. Please take a moment to pray for the surgery.

For the second time in two weeks an 18 year old boy who chose to leave Casa came to ask if he could return. The problem is that the courts will not let them return.


“The Wrong Vessels To Travel Over Water”

Note: This was prepared as an addendum to the Sermon by Jim Sasser titled: “The Christians Fleet”.

1.The Barge—-This is the one who is always pushed or pulled to do something or to carry a load. Yet they have no ability or willingness to motivate themselves.

  1. The Destroyer—This navy vessel is appropriately labeled. Some brethren will cause great harm towards others. Some (as the Ephesian elders) would cause many to lose their souls. Paul mentioned people by name as being the cause of shipwrecked faiths (1 Tim 1:19).
  2. The Showboat—These are nothing but show. The passage to use would be Matt 6:1-6. How many church members show up late so that others can see them? How many show off and brag to receive praises?
  3. The Submarine—These work by stealth to cause harm to their brethren. Galatians 5 mentions these in the works of the flesh. To cause harm to your brothers reputation and to sow discord among brethren in a non-visible way.
  4. The PT boat —Unlike the submarine, these people do their harm out in the open. They focus with a vision and seek to do harm to others.