Our grandson, Robert broke his arm and the wife of our board chairman broke her foot.

Dottie is still driving but maybe in 10 days the brace will be removed and I can drive. She does not like driving here.

Lee writes: “We have not moved to the states yet. If you would like to receive our update, please email us.”

The baby dorm had an activity again today.

Feeding a goat

Luke 23:39-42 tells us of the thief on the cross that asked Jesus to remember him when He got to Paradise. The children will tell you that the thief is my most favorite person in the Bible besides Jesus.

  1. He came with a clear recognition of his personal guilt. He saw himself as a sinner. He saw himself as having no hope. When we admit our guilt and sin before Jesus He is quick to forgive.
  2. He could offer no good works. He had no time to feed the poor or join Habitat for Humanity.
  3. He could offer not religiosity. No time to attend church, walk an aisle, join the choir or even tithe.
  4. He came with holy fear of God. He told the other thief that he was an ignorant man to not fear God. I believe this word fear means honor and respect. Anyone who followed Jesus knew what a holy and righteous life He lived. There was no sin in Him. He always went about doing good.
  5. He came in an attitude of repentance. His spiritual heart was broken because of the life he had wasted. His life was ending and he had no time to do anything but say he was sorry and for Jesus to please give him mercy.
  6. He came in total faith. You cannot be saved without faith and since Jesus told him that he would be with Him in heaven that very day it is certain the thief had faith.