Ships continued

The transplant was done on Alex not Erick. I was dealing with an Eric when I wrote the update. I am sorry to confuse you. The surgery was successful. The surgery was over 8 hours long.The ultra sound showed he kidney is working. His father is 57 which is old to donate a kidney.

I went to the dentist again and they discovered the problem. So I should be okay for our trip. I will know more on Wednesday.

Michelle had a tele-medicine examination with her neurologist in Texas. She is doing well and he was satisfied.


  1. The Cargo ship—Carries a lot of baggage wherever they go.
  2. A Skip {actually it is Skiff}–a tiny vessel to move people or supplies from one boat to another boat or the shore. Many people skip from one church to another with a lot of ease. Many people skip church from time to time, and they skip out on their duty.
  3. A rowboat— Though one DOES have to work to get any where (which could also be viewed positively), the person who works is always going backwards and having to look backwards to see where they are going. “Remember Lot’s wife”. Does that ring a bell? We should be pressing forward fixing our gaze upon Jesus. (Heb 12:1-2)
  4. A Flat boat—You ever try to ride in one of those things? Enough said.

10: A Battleship—Some who go around and cause disturbances among the brethren. Some who are always looking to start a fight or to enter a fight. Rather than practice love joy and peace, these sow discord.