School started today and I spoke to the students outside on the bleachers and it was freezing. Our classrooms have no heat.

Sebastian and Dorcas will bring our tax information to SAT (IRS) tomorrow. They specifically want to know about our school and how it is funded.

Oscar and Brandi are leaving for the states Thursday. She is going to show him around.

I paid the land taxes in San Bartolome. We straggle two counties so tomorrow I will go to Santiago and pay the balance.

Huddled together

What keeps us from serving God? Matthew 6:24 says you cannot serve God and the world. If you serve the wrong things you cannot be fruitful (Luke 8:14). Paul said we can only serve the one to whom we obey (Romans 6:16).

Some folks limit where, how and when they will serve. Moses argued with God about going before Pharaoh. “Who am I that I should…?” Jonah did essentially the same thing when he refused to go to Nineveh. He was willing to preach but only on his own terms. His problem was that he did not like the Ninevites. You are not a servant until you go where you do not want to go but God has called you to go.

Another truth that keeps us from serving God is our poor attitudes. For instance laziness and ingratitude are bad attitudes. We do not serve unless we are grateful.

Self-centeredness and pride keep us from serving such as Elijah when he sat in the desert and wanted to die rather than continue following the call of God. Seeking recognition will limit where you are willing to go.

If you choose not to serve God you will remain a servant of sin (Romans 16:16). Servitude leads to righteousness. It will lead you to eternal life.