We awoke to another very cold Sunday. We let the girls wear pants to church.

I am still so weak. My sermon was 20 minutes which you who know me will chuckle. But I just cannot stand up for a long time. Pray that I will regain my strength.

Angie’s father in Escatawpa, Mississippi has suit cases he will pay for if someone coming from that area could bring to Casa. You can contact Angie for instructions.


You and I are servants: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & the prophets were known as “Thy servants” while Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Isaiah, James, Paul, Peter, Jude & John were known as “My servants”. You and I are called to be servants. Jesus was referred to in Isaiah 52 as the “suffering servant”.

What do we need to be a servant of Jesus? First we have absolute obedience. A slave/master relationship describes who we are in Christ. The slave has no rights, knows no law but his master’s word, is the absolute property of the master and gives unquestioning obedience.

Second, it involves humility. When we have a humble opinion of ourselves we are receptive to the dogma of giving absolute obedience. Paul realized this when he wrote in I Timothy 1:15 “I am the chief sinner”. When you finally see yourself as you are before God humility will overwhelm you.

Third, it involves loyalty. Servants must be loyal. A servant never considers his own profit. He only considers how his life can benefit his master. Too many claim to be servants of Christ but complain about having to obey His will. Some are negligent or lazy when asked to do something for Christ.

You do not HAVE to serve Jesus. But remember who you believe is to whom you become a slave. So it is either Jesus or Satan. Your choice.