We left at 5am for the dentist.

My brother in law, Wayne, had a heart attack and required a quadruple bypass. He is resting well.He had recently visited Casa with my sisters.

Two girls that I have not seen in years both showed up within minutes of each other. Claudia and Lorena both came to pray for me. Must have been the Holy Spirit.

It was a good day as the Human Rights sent 7 people to inspect Casa. When they left they said we were at the top of homes in Guatemala. That was nice since the other government agencies give us a bad time when they inspect us.


A true story told by a mother goes like this. The mother and her 4-year-old daughter were walking through a market when the grocer reached over and gave the little girl an orange. The mother said “What do you say to the nice man” and the little girl replied “PEEL IT”.

I am afraid so many Christians look at God the same way. We are not very satisfied for all He gives to us. Thankfulness is something we learn and grow into. What is excusable in a four year is very rude in an older child or adult. We respond to God with “Thank you for this but can you give me a little more?”

An attitude of gratitude towards God is a mark of a developing spiritual maturity. The longer you walk with Christ the more you should see His marvelous works in your life. Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of Jesus”.

We need to practice thankfulness to God instead of getting aggravated over the unfairness of life. Instead of complaining about what we do not have we need to be grateful for each and every day that He gives us.

It is not what is in your pocket that makes you thankful but what is in your heart.