Our board chairman, Thom, arrived from Clarksville, Tn. He will be here a few days scoping out what can be done to help the staff. I spent the time before he arrived writing updates.

Alex had a seizure following dialysis so is in the hospital. He is scheduled for a kidney transplant on the 29th so he needs prayer.

Today was Quique’s 19th birthday. It is hard to believe because he came here at 2 years of age and lived in our house ever since.


I had a special uncle. His name was Guvie. When he was 12 his father, my grandfather, was killed in a gunfight in church. Uncle Guvie never went to church and years later when he was in his late 70s Dottie and I went to tell him about my salvation experience. When I reached the place of asking him if he would like to be saved he wept and said “It is too late”.

When I asked why he told me that he had killed the man who killed his father. He carried that guilt all of us life. When I further explained about the cleansing blood of Jesus and the thief on the cross who had very little time left he prayed and asked Jesus into his heart. My aunt did the same.

Some wrote, “You cannot repent too soon but soon it may be too late”. I think of my uncle from time-to-time and thank God that He gives us opportunity right up until the day of our death. But do not use that as an excuse. Ask Him now! You cannot wait until the 11th hour cause you might die at 10:45.

Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while He may be found”.