I had the first good night’s sleep since I don’t know when. My tooth did not hurt me. But I have to be at the dentist in the morning at 6am meaning I will leave home at 4:30am.

I worked on the end of the month finances and also tried to make a radio show.

I spoke to the team from Pennsylvania.


11: A Sailboat–these are the unstable souls caught by every wind of doctrine Eph 4:14.

  1. A Cruiser—the easy going individual that is never impacted by the plight of others. Can see needs around everywhere, and can just cruise on by. Can easily cruise out of responsibilities.
  2. A canoe—very unstable and you sure do not want to lose your instrument of guidance. People think they can get through life without the great instrument of instruction, the Bible. Sooner or later they discover that they are up the creek without their paddle.
  3. A pontoon boat—these people float around and never seek any stability. They float from church to church and never accept responsibility. They are easy going and never get in a hurry or show any sense of urgency at all.
  4. The pleasure craft—Enough said in the scriptures about pleasure to know we do not need to be on this boat. But sadly, many stay there and make it their…