Mature Christian

Dottie asked that as a reward for taking off the brace that I take her to lunch. So I drove for the first time in 2 months.

We all are praying for dorm parents. I would appreciate it if you would make this a major object of prayer.

The Maryland team hoste a talent show for the children.Both the Americans and the Guatemalans presented talents.



The little book of Jude tells us in 1:20-23 how to be a mature Christian.

  1. V20: We will have a constant growth in faith. If you are not growing in faith it is for a lack of the Word of God. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. If you are not growing in faith then read the Word. Build yourself up in faith.
  2. Constant spiritual praying. Jude tells us we will mature if we pray. A man who does not pray is missing out on a key necessity for growth. Talking to God daily is the duty and privilege of every Christian. Keep yourself up by praying more.
  3. Constant walking in the love of God. To be mature you walk in His love. You love what He loves and you hate what He hates. You never allow your earthly loves to take precedent over the things He loves.
  4. Constant patience in the Hope of Glory. Wait for it because it is coming. Heaven awaits the children of God. Paul had the opportunity to go to heaven early but he knew that he needed to wait and finish the task on earth. The glory that awaits us as adopted children of God makes me want to go home now. But we stay until He calls. Look you because He will call you.
  5. Constant compassion toward the unsaved. Jude makes it clear that the unsaved world needs us. Compassion allows you to withstand the ejection of your message to sinners. But if just one comes to Christ your life would have made a difference. Lift up the fallen!
  6. Constant hatred for the sins of the flesh. Jude knows that sinning is easy. But as a child of God we can overcome those sins by simply hating them more and loving God more.