I had three more root canals making it 4 in less than 5 days. My teeth still do not feel right.

The dollar went down again.

Jim brought 8 boys to my house for supper and then we dedicated them to the Lord. They all have turned 18 years of age.

I wrote some thank you cards. .

How to make 80 pizzas disappear

We sometimes feel that we do not seem to make a difference in the world by our lives. There has to be the realization that to impact others I must first change my own life. Revelations speaks of Lukewarm Christians and that applies to most of us.

If the weather is hot you need something cold to help your INSIDES. If the weather is cold you need something hot to help your INSIDES. Lukewarm does not get the job done. The problem is that a lukewarm Christian looks fine on the OUTSIDE. Lukewarm Christians do not make a difference in the world around them.

THE TRUTH IS THAT LUKEWARM PEOPLE ARE NOT TOTALLY DEVOTED TO GOD. Lukewarm Christians love God but not first in their lives. Matthew 6:33 tells us to seek first the kingdom of God. Everything else is second place.

II Timothy 3:5 “Holding to a form of godliness but denies the power thereof”. SOMEDAY I will witness. SOMEDAY I will worship. SOMEDAY I will pray. That is the lukewarm Christian. His life consists of SOMEDAYS. Lukewarm Christians are normally silent about their faith.

A lukewarm Christian depends upon himself. They have not learned to put their trust in God. We can get caught up in our comfort zones and fail to exercise pure religion and faith. Christians should impact the world for good.