Listen as worship

Mike and Jessica, board member arrived today for a week.

Jacobo was admitted to dental school today. He is beyond himself with joy. He has studied so hard to get this opportunity. He won the scholarship offered his senior year in high school.

It was a day without event so it was nice.


How do you listen?

Make your listening an act of worship. Make it as important as the music or prayer. Go to church with the idea that your presence there is an act of worship.

Listen from first to last. Do not doze or play games in your mind or daydream. Put all of your attention on each sentence because God make speak only one sentence to you so do not miss it.

Look at the speaker. I love it when I can make eye contact with the congregation.

Read along in your Bible. Follow the sermon in the Word itself and God may share a truth with you the pastor had not thought of.

Listen with faith. You have to believe that when you enter that place where a teaching is going forth that God has come to meet with you personally.

Listen with a mind of action. James tells us that faith without works is dead. Apply to your daily life what you have heard in that teaching. Do not be a hearer only BUT be a hearer in deed.