The team changed direction and worked in the kitchen removing the ceiling tile and cleaning and installing ne ceiling tile. It was filthy after 20 years of usage. So it is clean and new.

The baby dorm went to a petting zoo with Analy and the social worker staff.

I worked on the end of the year financial report.

Bill H called to tell me his wife, Ann, passed away. She was a wonderful woman and great friend to the children.


The new ceiling



Luke 23:34 Jesus prayed, “Father forgive them”.

  1. It was a prayer for His murderers. He knew those around the cross consisting mostly of those who hated Him and wanted Him dead yet He prayed that His Father would forgive those who were nailing Him there.
  2. It was a prayer for His mockers. There are always those who will come against you and laugh at your faith. How do you react?
  3. It was a prayer for His tempters. The thief said, “If you be the Son of God come down and save us too”. If you have lived a godly life there will be those who will tempt you to try and get you to fall.
  4. It was a prayer for His skeptics. Have you ever met someone from your past and told them about what Christ has done for you? It is certain there will be those who are skeptical of your relationship with Christ and will try and find a flaw in your life.
  5. It was a prayer for His doubters. Even Thomas, a disciple, doubted for a short while. There will always be those who will doubt your sincerity.
  6. It was a prayer for His rejecters. You know the Bible tells us that God loves us to the very end. As long as there is breath we can have an opportunity for salvation. Hanging on the cross He still thought of those in the future.
  7. It was above all a prayer of compassion. His mercy never fails even as He was hanging in unimaginable pain.