When we go home on February 7 we will stay in Clarksville, Tn for the 3 weeks although we will share all the way down to Athens, Alabama.

Alex is doing well so the transplant is scheduled for next week. Kaiser is having a routine biopsy as his transplant was a year ago.

Dottie & I went and bought the groceries for when we are in the states.

My dentist called & asked me to come in at 6pm so he could pack the tooth so I can sleep tonight.


The 19th century pastor Henry Beecher told of a mother in the wild frontier country who was washing clothes in a stream. Her son was playing nearby when suddenly she realized he was missing. She frantically ran to the house but he was not there. So she ran into the forest where she found his lifeless body. A wolf had killed him. Beecher says, “Oh how that mother hated the wolf”.

Each of us should hate sin and evil in that same measure. Yet so many parents who guard their children from physical harm never think about guarding them from spiritual harm. As a result they leave them unprotected spiritually. They show little concern for the friends the children play with.

They do not appear to care what the children see on TV or movies or Internet or books they read. These influences are just as dangerous and evil as that wolf in the woods lurking to destroy.

If we do not hate evil we cannot love good.