foolish farmer

The girls in Esperanza up slept in one room while the team worked through the night to rid the attack of bees. They got the bees and tonight will paint and sheetrock where they cut into the wall & ceiling.

The reason the kids love the fireworks


Luke 12:16-20 tells us of the foolish farmer who had a great crop and decided it belonged to him alone. The seeds he sowed pertained to material life alone. When we think that what we do with what we have we should think of this man. God blesses us to be a blessing.

The seeds he sowed obscured his vision of impending death. Everyone knows that they are going to die but many act as though it is a hundred years down the road. They are not prepared should death come immediately.

The seeds he sowed destroyed his hope of eternal life. How sad to be so blessed of God and lose it all to selfishness.

He was prepared to live physically but not spiritually. His only thought was “Look at what I have”.

He was prepared to die financially but unprepared for death spiritually. He had a ton of money for a funeral but nothing to prepare him to meet God.

He was prepared to reap an earthly harvest but unprepared to share heaven’s riches. What awaits us is far more important than what we possess. I will leave it all right here one day. My 8 or 9 decades will end and it will all stay here. But the vast eternity that awaits us will be filled with His blessings prepared for us.