Brandi took the girls in her dorm to Panajachel where they took a boat across the lake and stayed in Santa Maria. They will return tomorrow afternoon. Great trip!

On a horse

Matthew 1:18-25 A fear not for Joseph.

Christmas had ‘fear nots” to Zacharias (Luke 1:13), to Mary (Luke 1:30 and to the shepherds in Luke 2:10. Joseph needed a fear not because he was totally confused by an angel telling him that Mary’s pregnancy was not of man.

  1. He needed a “fear not” because he felt let down. Have you ever felt let down? He thought Mary had been immoral. I often come to the wrong conclusion when I assume I know what is going on. But while Joseph was worrying God was working a mighty plan for his life. What Joseph thought was sinful was actually sacred. Just like me many times he did not have all the facts. We need to not worry about the failings of others. Jesus is in control.
  2. He needed a “fear not” because he was worried about public opinion. He did not want to make Mary a public spectacle. He did not want Mary stoned to death for her supposed sin. He feared what others would think about him. Proverbs 29:25 says “The fear of man brings a snare.” Do not let what people think trap you.
  3. He needed a “fear not” for times of mental anguish. He probably thought on her pregnancy constantly. He certainly had an emotional crisis. This was so very terrible in the eyes of the church folk. What he thought would bring death brought deliverance. What he thought would ruin Mary’s life immortalized her. He thought people would call her bad but we call her blessed.


What about us? Do we need a “fear not” today? Cast all your cares on Jesus. Let Him carry these burdens. God can meet you in your fears & make them “Fear nots”.