Do not stagnate

Dottie had her eye exam. The results were very good.They are stable.

Sebastian said the meeting with the IRS went well and we will get the results later.

I went to Santiago and paid the property taxes for the land where the school is.

We had to get a blood test for Michelle that can only be done in Columbia. Guatemala is not able to do it here.


Any church, business or industry that does not grow is destined to failure. In the same way we as Christians need to grow. We will stagnate and not be very useful to the kingdom if we remain babies in Christ. Christians should grow in love, faith, zeal and knowledge. We should grow in good works.

But there are hindrances to many which prevent them from making progress in the Christian life.

  1. There is a lack of effort. Growing in Jesus is not automatic. Hebrews 5:13 refers to the fact that after many years some are still “babes” in Christ. They are spiritually lazy to pray, study, read the Word, worship and attend church.
  2. Another hindrance is discouragement. Some folks start well but get discouraged and quit. There could be personal problems, marital problems or church problems and so we just fold up our tent and quit.
  3. There is a law of disuse. I have a gun and as long as I use it and keep it well oiled it is useful. But one I allow it to sit from a lack of use it begins to rust. Paul continued because he realized that regardless of what things appeared to be his labor was never in vain. If you do not use your spiritual muscles they will begin to sag and become weak.
  4. The law of interference. Crops, flower, trees and other plants do not do well if they are too close to one another. Our spiritual growth is hindered if we allow people or activities to crowd out our spiritual life. Today there are more people in Walmart at 10am on a Sunday morning than there are in many churches. There are more people at youth leagues on Sunday than are in church. We have allowed the world to crowd out our spiritual lives. Even preachers can get so tied down in activities that they have little time to pray and study for the Sunday message.


Look for work needing to be done. Visit the sick and the elderly. Be a servant. Do not be one who criticizes. Get yourself going on a regular church attendance as well as regularity in your prayer time and study time. Never get so busy you forget about Jesus. Start a Bible study. Lead people to Christ. Constantly look for ways to grow.