The first large door was installed on the dialysis building. It is the main entrance.

I have had a toothache for a few days so went to the dentist. He could find no cavities.

Oscar & Brandi went to the states today.

The government is giving us trouble with both Sebastian’s & Josue’s legal representative paper. We will have to redo them. It leaves me as the only legal representative. Pray for us.


How would you have liked to have been Andrew? He was the first disciple named in the Bible because he was first to follow Jesus. He was the first missionary as he went immediately and told his brother, Peter, about Jesus. But he is always referred to as Simon Peter’s brother.

It could not have been easy to watch as his brother, Peter, had all of these great leadership qualities and was one on the inner three closest to Jesus. Andrew slips into the background almost immediately after he called his brother to Christ. Being known only as someone’s brother is a difficult row to hoe. My own younger brother was always compared to me and I believe that had a lot to do with his drinking and constant trying to prove he was not like me at all.

Andrew had been a disciple of John the Baptist. Although he was a “lesser” disciple in the eyes of the world he demonstrated great faith when he brought the young boy to Jesus with the fish and loaves of bread for Jesus to feed 5000.

Even though we do not measure up in the natural to other Christians we all have a duty to perform and if we do that to the best of our ability that is all God asks of us.

Andrew was quiet, thoughtful, persistent and unassuming but his work was vital. They would have far reaching results. He was a missionary near the Black Sea.