The year ended with me not being able to finish my sermon. I am still weak and did get almost through the lesson.

Brian & Kristi took the little girls to a pizza parlor that has games and activities. Of course they had a fine time.

We finished the year in the black. Still a long way to go but we are blessed that for the 27th year we have finished not owing anybody anything but love.

Dottie gave away one of her adult Dobermans but still has two.

A Guatemalan tradition is to fire off fireworks at midnight on Christmas Eve which we survived and on New Years Eve which we will see if we can sleep through.



Matthew 18:19-20 “If any two of you agree as touching….for where two or three are gathered in my Name.” The gathering of God’s people for fellowship and worship is taught in the Word.

  1. It implies togetherness. This is more than gathering for a sermon. It implies oneness. We are of one accord. We agree as to why we are there and what we are wanting to accomplish in our church. It implies a lack of contention. It says that we are together in spirit and mind. Without this togetherness the church is limited as to what it can do.
  2. It implies love. It will always be love that causes us to want to fellowship. It is first of all a love for God. Every member of the church needs to love God. It is a love for Christ within each of our hearts. It is love for one another that cements our relationship. This love will preserve our unity.
  3. It also implies growth. Divisions are signs of immature Christians. Little children are selfish and must have their way. Unity is seen in Colossians 3:8-10 as a sign of spiritual maturity.

Togetherness, love and growth are the markings of a blessed ministry. Too many divisions are in Christianity. Probably of all religions know to mane Christians are the most immature. So many cannot get along.