The wise man

I as so happily surprised to see Brad from Fayetteville here this morning. He bought his two adopted daughters (Susie was from Casa) for a couple of days visit.

Dottie had only 2 boys helping her today because the 18 years old who work in the garden with her went home for the New Years.


The wise man built on rock and the foolish man built on sand. Duh! Who was the smart one? Our ministry name is “Build your House on the Rock, Inc”. According to Jesus the wise man follows instructions. If you do not read the Word you do not have a blueprint.

The wise man chooses a proper foundation. He builds on the Word that he reads and incorporates spiritually into his life. There is no doubt but that the foundation is the most important part of construction. You cannot see it because it is in the heart of the earth. This wise man knows that whatever goes on that foundation must have support to remain standing.

The foolish man ignores instructions. Our nation is in trouble because we have ignored the very first commandment. “Thou shall have no other gods before me”. We cannot really call ourselves a Christian nation. We are mixed just as Israel mixed with the Moabites and other nations and were judged harshly. You had better be a Noah (meaning you are different) when the floods of judgment arrive.

A foolish man builds on a weak foundation. No one ever stack up money to serve as pillars when building a home. Neither did they use houses of cars in place of their foundation. A foolish man believes he is good enough to resist the winds and floods.

A foolish man loses everything because he trusted in a plan of his on devices. Do not be foolish. Be wise! Read the Word of God and follow the blueprint”.