Groups of teenagers have been coming to pray for me. I feel stronger everyday. I know if I obey my physician’s instructions this will be over soon. I have very little pain. God is good!

Josue and Estella arrived from Tennessee.


A soldier was captured as a prisoner of war. His captors transported him by train far from his homeland. He felt isolated from country, bereft of family, estranged from anything familiar. His loneliness grew as he continued to not hear anything from home. He did not know if his family was even alive.

But suddenly, unexpectedly, he got a letter. It was smudged, torn at the edges from months of travel. But it said, “We are waiting for you to come home. All is fine. Don’t worry”

His circumstances had not changed. He was still in prison. But his hope arose. His goal was doable. That is what happens to us because we are captive to our bodies and our feet are in a foreign land. This world is not our home. Heaven is our home.

Read the love letter from your Father. All is well! Grab your Bible!