“Bridge of Life”, nephrologists, will be here Saturday to examine our dialysis children.

Alex went to the bank for me.

Olga, wife of Billy, has taken over the uniform duties for Dottie which is a tremendous blessing to Dottie.


There are 6 “A’s” of parenting according to Steve Stephens

  1. Be Aware. Study your children. Listen to them, watch them, ask them questions. Talk with them, not at them. Discover their likes & dislikes, their dream and fears, their strengths and weaknesses. Recognize how special they are.
  2. Be Assertive. There are lessons you have learned from the past so pass them on. Teach truth. Provide reasonable rules and consistent consequences when those rules are broken. Be strong and give your children security without being rigid, abusive or angry.
  3. Be Accepting. Focus on the positives and assist children with their negatives. Don’t expect perfection from them, lest they turn and expect it from you. Remember that children are often immature and teenagers are frequently impulsive. Be patient with them.