Lose your peace

Kate returned from the USA today.

Josue is scheduled to travel to the USA Monday for telemedicine.

I am recovering slowly but it is by design. I believe that I rushed it following the first surgery 4 years ago.


You lose your peace if you:

  1. Resent God’s ways.
  2. Worry as much as possible
  3. Pray only about what you cannot manage yourself.
  4. Refuse to accept what God gives.
  5. Look for peace elsewhere than in Him. Drugs, alcohol, sex or any other substitute will never give you the peace you need. Money and fame are also fleeting moments in the hour glass of time.
  6. Try to rule your own life. You are not king of the kingdom. This world is out of your hands. When you throw away God’s blueprint and try to draw your own you cannot see around the corners of life so you will mess it up.
  7. Doubt God’s Word. I believe of all the 8 points this one snares the most people. We can quote but live the scriptures!
  8. Carry all your cares. You and I have a tendency to seek our own answers to our troubles. We go to others or we try to solve it ourselves. Carrying your cares means you do not trust God.