keep knocking

Gretchen, Jim & Bob returned from their respective visits to the states for Christmas..

Some of the dorms are packing up Christmas.

Josue & Estela passed through as they are returning to Tennessee.

Dottie bought groceries since the doctor is sto=ill not allowing me to drive. I have written so many updates since I cannot drive.

All the baby dorm children came by last night and gave us a plastic ball, 3 marshmellows and 3 cookies. They had Santa hats on.

Merry Christmas is over

Continuing with our theme of prayer we can look at Matthew 7:7-8 where we are told to ask, seek and knock. What a privilege it is for his children to ask and receive. Many Christians have very little of what is truly important because they do not take the time to pray.

Others do not receive because they do not seek. You will never discover what you are looking for if you do not seek it. Years ago I could not find my passport and I had to leave the country. I turned our upstairs room upside down in order to find it. I did not go half-heartedly about the task. It meant too much to me. Is there anything you desire from God that you will not seek with all of your heart?

The door opens when you knock on it. That door is the door to God’s heart. Oh, how He wants to bless us but we just hang around the door and never knock. If you have a genuine relationship with God you will knock. If you have a proper relationship with God you will knock. If you have the wisdom to want more you will knock.

He wants so desperately to hear your call or to feel you seeking or to hear you knocking. Why lose out when it is so simple. It only costs time!