Emily woke up after 34 hour.. The physicians cannot explain what happened. But Glory to God she is awake.

Some of the kids who live nearby came by with a love offering to help with my medication That was so kind of them.

Some of the kids stayed up until 2 am to celebrate Christmas Guatemalan style.


Burke speaks of humility in an arrogant world.

  1. The humble can wait patiently while the arrogant want it now.
  2. The humble demonstrates kindness while the arrogant doesn’t even notice the need.
  3. The humble are content, not jealous or envious, while the arrogant feels he needs more.
  4. The humble honor and esteems the other while the arrogant brags on himself.
  5. The humble does not act unbecomingly while the arrogant’s manners are rude.
  6. The humble show a servant’s spirit while the arrogant demands to be served.
  7. The humble are not easily provoked while the arrogant are quick to take offense.
  8. The humble quickly forgive a wrong suffered while the arrogant cannot rest until the even the score.