Gifts part 2

We have 22 grandchildren who actually live on campus because their parents work here. Gladys made a Christmas bag with little gifts for them. We will give those gifts in our living room next week.

Dottie spent the morning separating all of the Christmas fotos and cards we have given over the year.


10 gifts to give to your child (part 2). Brazelton.

  1. Good health habits. I am so appalled when I walk a mall in the USA and see the number of severely obese children and teenagers. Make sure they have good health care and they eat correctly, exercise and sleep 8 hours.
  2. Time together. Life is very busy for most families but that cannot be an excuse to put your child at the bottom of the list of priorities. You need to be available. You need weekend activities besides dropping them off at soccer or at the mall.
  3. Motivation for learning. Do not push them beyond their limits but encourage them by looking at their homework and questioning them as to what they are studying. Let them know their grades are important to you. Do not blame teachers!
  4. Sense of humor. I have told you often about Dottie marrying me because I made her laugh. When our children were young and some were even teens we would go camping and I would tell them funny bedtime stories. They did not go to bed frightened. They went to bed giggling.
  5. Peer relationships. Children need play pals. Playing with others he will learn to share, compromise and empathy. He will deliver skills needed later in life. He will learn responsibility.