I felt good enough to sit and write updates as well as study in order to start preaching again. I even was able to go downstairs and walk outside.

Dottie & Oscar went to a meal at the culinary school where Benjamin is studying. Each student prepared a meal for their parents.

Bob left for the USA today for a couple of weeks.

Josue & Estela arrived with their family. It is always great to see them. They live in Jackson, Tn.

Gladys & us placed the gifts for the dialysis kids under their tree. Smiles all around!

Benjamin is on the left

Brazelton says that there are 10 gifts you can give your child (part 1).

  1. Every child wants love and it is so easy to love a child. Children come to Casa frightened and when they first see me they recoil. In a few days they are so much a part of us they are happy with everyone.
  2. No parent likes to come home to the role of disciplinarian, yet that’s exactly what your child needs from you—the strong, sure limits you provide. It is difficult to make yourself discipline a child but the alternative is a disrespectful teenager.
  3. A Good Example. The way you live in front of your child is far more powerful than the words you ever speak.
  4. A child needs your respect in order to develop self-respect. Just because they are small that does not mean you can disrespect them with screaming or insults.
  5. A good self-image. Love and respect enhance a child’s self-image but be sure you do not over praise. Compliment them on jobs well done as well as jobs attempted. When praise is undeserved the child knows it.