: Michelle, our special needs daughter sweeps the office each morning. She refused to go today because it was so cold. She said she was on vacation. People all around us have no way to stay warm except by burning wood. They do not have the warm beds and comforts our children have. They need our prayers.

Walmart brought Christian group with games, toys and even lunch.

The children with the Walmart folks

Death is the great equalizer because whether you are:

Young or old

Rich or poor

Famous or unknown

Educated or ignorant

Powerful or weak

Religious or atheistic

Athletic or crippled

Healthy or sick

Happy or depressed


Do you have peace in your heart about where you are going? There is much terror associated with going where you have no idea what it is like. God has a place for his children. It matters not what category you reside in the list above. It only matters that you are a child of God and the destination is assured.