Elizabeth Elliot

I had a rough day. Need your prayers!

Walt, Billy & Josue climbed a volcano. It was a 7 hour walk and they spent the night at the top and came back down this morning


The volcano men


Again I read writings of Elizabeth Elliot and she tells us how to lose peace. Her husband was martyred years ago so she struggled with peace. Here is her list of how to lose peace.

  1. Resent God’s ways. When her husband was killed she could have easily blamed God like most non-Christian’s do. But she knew that God had a plan and that he had used her husband’s death to cause her to go to that same native tribe and bring them to Christ. I do not know what God is doing but I know it is right.
  2. Worry as much as possible. Losing peace is easily done when we worry about things. We cannot control everything in life and so we must rely on the wisdom of God. He knows what is best for us.
  3. Pray only about the things you cannot manage yourself. It is foolish to talk to God only when you do not have an answer. He wants you speaking to Him when it is small things.
  4. Refuse to accept what God gives. The old saying of “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade” is certainly true if we want to succeed.

More to Come!