This morning it was 36 degrees on our water tower. That is the second coldest day in our 28 years in Guatemala.

A group from Walmart in Guatemala City will come Tuesday and have activities for the children.

Bob replaced the bannister on my upstairs porch. He has 4 boys he is training as carpenters.


Have you ever had a bad dream? Was it so bad that it caused you to wake up with cold sweat? Well the wife of Pilate had such a dream. Pilate had just interrogated Jesus and the Pharisees and had made a decision.

The dream she had indicated that Jesus was a just man and did not deserve death. Now she loved her husband and she did not want him to make a terrible mistake. When she awoken she immediately wrote her husband a note. “Have nothing to do with this just man”.

But Pilate was a double-minded man. He was captive to his wealth and fame. He thought he could simply wash his hands in water and be off the hook. It failed!

She was a wife that loved him enough to warn him. She had determination and courage. She did not want to see her husband make a terrible mistake.

So many women try to warn their husbands but they do not listen. There are more women in churches than men and that is heavily due to men ignoring the warnings of their godly wives.