Did you know that

Mario & Mariella’s little girl Emily was taken to the hospital at 2am and we are still awaiting the results. She is in ICU.

We had the Lord’s supper in the morning and it went very well. It was very cold but the children stayed in a spiritual mood throughout.

Jose’ Armando proposed to Tatiana and she accepted.

Aroldo gave me a plaque celebrating 10 years since we started dialysis. Hard to believe!


Did you know that?

  1. The best day is today
  2. The greatest puzzle is life
  3. The best play is work
  4. The greatest mystery is death
  5. The best work is the work you like
  6. The most ridiculous asset is pride
  7. The most expensive indulgence is pride
  8. The most disagreeable person is the complainer
  9. The best teacher is the one who makes you want to learn
  10. The greatest deceiver is the one who deceives himself
  11. The worst bankrupt is the soul who has lost enthusiasm
  12. The cheapest, stupidest and easiest thing to do is complain.
  13. The greatest comfort is knowing you did well
  14. The greatest thing in the world is love for family, home, friends and neighbors.