A mother’s love

We allowed 50% of the 18 and older young people to go home for 5 days at Christmas and today the other 50% left for New Year’s. That was one of our gifts to them. I know that they get bored staying here on campus and leaving only for work of college. They sure do appreciate us allowing them to do this.

A team from Evergreen Baptist in Tulsa arrived and will be doing critical repairs.

Two years ago Sebastian’s brother, came to help Dorcas with the bookkeeping and today was his last day. He is a super employee and has prepared Dorcas for the job.


Many years ago orphanages were a common means of caring for children whose parents were unable to care for them. The typical orphanage was usually overcrowded. In the infant sections of the institutions quite often the nurses would have no many babies assigned to them that it was all they could to meet the physical needs of each baby. These conditions forced the nurses to provide only the basic needs such as food, warmth and a change of diapers.

In 945, a researcher named Spitz did a study of orphanages that is a classic. The institutions he studied showed a death rate of 32% – 90% before their first birthday. It was not due to a lack of care but something else was happening.

A South American orphanage reported for no apparent reason many babies would gradually weaken and die before their second birthday.

The conclusion was they died because they lacked a mother’s love. We never get too old for a mother’s touch. You can see how important it is to Casa for us to have house parents with a mother’s touch. Please pray with us for house parents.