Worry thoughts

It is just wrong to say I have the best of something no one else has. It is arrogant of me. But what I will say as a way of giving God thanks on this Thanksgiving is that God has blessed me for nearly 55 years with a very special wife. She has been a godly example to hundreds of teenage girls and she cares for me in my recuperation. God has blessed me.

The young lady, Karina, watching the younger girls in Las Esperanzas fell playing soccer & needs your prayers.


Shepherd gives us ideas as to win in the battle with worry.

  1. Do not give up. Hope in God. It is critical that we do not quit. There will always be storms and just as we do in Louisiana in hurricane season we must buckle down & never give up.
  2. Walk by faith and not by sight. I am dealing with 4 major storms right now. Two of them are vital to the success of Casa. I have to see God as bringing us through the storm.
  3. Take time out for a good laugh. Dottie & make an attempt to keep things light and silly between us. Laughter is like a medicine. You cannot take yourself so serious.
  4. Use the Bible as a window to see your world. The only answers we can truly rely on are those that comes from the Word of God. It is there we can see the scope of what is happening and what to do about it.
  5. Make your choice based on God’s Word. My heart cries out for answers to our situation. If I daily read His Word He will communicate my next step.
  6. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. No matter how bad things are in the present God’s track record of stepping in and delivering me for over 50 years is proven. Do not forget what He has done and thank Him for what He is doing now.
  7. Ask for God’s strength to get you through. Many trials are in our lives because God wants us to communicate with Him. We tend to think less of Who He is when there are no problems.
  8. Stop and enjoy the moment. This requires you take your mind off your problem.
  9. Pray as if everything depends on God—because it does. Rev up your prayer time. Now is the time to think on Him and not your circumstances.