The courts sent 8 children back to their parents yesterday. Although we received 9 new children it still hurts to lose children.

Today is a national holiday so our offices here are closed.

Kason arrived. He is a welder and is thinking of teaching welding to our boys. This is his first visit to Casa.

Five boys came up and laid hands on me and prayed. It was awesome.

The five who prayed for me

Lessons I want my children to learn.

  1. Learn to respect and esteem others. When you have over 300 children and have raised 5700 over 28 years you came to understand a family works much better if you can respect one another.
  2. Learn to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Some of my children have felt they were not as talented as others. We are all different and it is critical as dorm parents that we encourage them to see themselves as Jesus sees them.
  3. Learn to be an encourager. In a world of bullying it takes a special child to be an encourager but if they are encouraged by you they will most likely encourage their peers.
  4. Learn to be friendly. To have friends you must show yourself friendly. I have staff members here that the children truly feel a friendship with.
  5. Learn to approach life with joy and hope. It is difficult for children in this day and age. Yet there are many things with which the children can connect to give them joy. A good parent will bring this about. Being a friend as well as a parent will fill them with joy.
  6. Learn to forgive. Everyone struggles with forgiveness from time to time. But when we cannot forgive others it is bitterness to our souls. To forgive others a a trait that, if learned, can lead to your child being a successful and contributing member of the household and neighborhood.

The six most important words are “I admit I made a mistake.

The five most important words are “You did a good job”.

The four most important words are “What is your opinion”.

The three most important wards are “If you please”.

The two most important words are “Thank you”.

The one most important word is “We”.

The least important word is “Me”.


Words carry great weight. We can give life or death with our words. We can give joy or sadness with our words. We can give hope or doubt with our words. We can give encouragement or discouragement with our words. We can give joy or sorrow with our words.