What is love?


Alex drove to help me with the luggage. The girls ate a large meal on the road and then we checked intp the hotel and they went swimming immediately.

Angie & Kate both left for the states for a vacation.

Lee took his boys to the park along with the W. Virginia team.



Keller answers the question “What is love?’

  1. Love delights in giving attention, rather than attracting it. Second fiddle is a good instrument in a friendship.
  2. Love finds the element of good and builds upon it. No person and no relationship will ever be perfect but you can look for what blesses you about your friend and concentrate on that.
  3. Love does not magnify defects. I have gotten close to people over the years and even though hey see my faults and weaknesses they do not blare them before others. They concentrate on what little good they see in me.
  4. Love is a flame that warms but never burns. Anger and criticism are absent from the relationship. I have see so many happy relationships in the beginning that eventually crash and burn from criticism.
  5. Love knows how to disagree without being disagreeable. Dottie & I do not agree about everything. When we were first married she called & asked if I would bring toilet paper home. I bought the cheapest white toilet paper. When I got home she looked at it and said “It is the wrong color. It clashes with the wall paper”. I never bought toilet paper again.
  6. Love rejoices in the successes of others of instead being envious or jealous. Growing up in Louisiana I had a friend named Kenny. He and I were rivals from 1st grade through high school. We competed not only on the football field but in the classroom. The remarkable attribute of our relationship was that we could be truly blessed when the other was honored.